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Dec. 19th, 2010

Reason why I don't come home often

Tonight are nights that remind me I want to move out. When my mom and I are alone, and I want to go hang out.
I was supposed to go see a movie, and then after get sushi. Right? Right. So, I promised that I would watch the Steeler's/Jet's game because we knew about it since like, October. I didn't realize it wasn't a 7:30 game. :/ So, jumped ship on the movie, and said I'd be game to get sushi after. Well, because of light flurries, with roads clear and all, my mom has deemed it unsafe for me to drive, rendering me sushiless. :D
I fucking hate how overprotective they can be. Sometimes I wish they didn't care so much. I know they mean well, but really? BECAUSE THERE'S FUCKING FLURRIES?? NOTHING IS STICKING . And now the weather channel is on, and I can't find the remote to change it. It's mocking me.

I've been really angry with my mom the last two days. That may just be the PMS, but honestly, she almost cost me my job, and is now preventing me from having a little fun today. I've been running errands with her instead. I feel like she's just trying to push my buttons.

Yes, but the whole she almost cost me my job at Macy's thing. So, at the end of the summer, they asked if I wanted to stay on for the holiday season. I said absolutely! So, over the first semester, they called my house 6 times, to ask if I would want to pick up some hours on the weekend, and secondly, if I was coming back for the holidays. So, my mom being a fucking idiot either didn't pick up the phone, and/or give them a Yes! Lauren will be coming back for the holidays. She just said I was at school. So, they deactivated my account. I was turned to an ex-employee. When? This past Wednesday. FML. 
My manager said that they wanted me to be a Macy's Star Employee Ambassador, and they couldn't because they didn't know if I was coming back. So they couldn't offer me it. It's basically a seasonal manager. So I would have get paid more. FML.

This is why i don't want to be here for long periods of time. Shit gets messed up. And almost costs me my job, and cost me a manager position.

Nov. 9th, 2010

Is it worth the work? maybe.

I keep thinking about all the stuff I have due. A comm exam Thursday, an anthro exam monday, interview transcripts and journal refelctions due tuesday, french test wednesday, a major french project due friday (which I still need to start!!), and a MAJOR debate the following tuesday. I feel so overwhelmed, and I find myself wondering how it'll all get done. Will it? yes. Will I sleep? Probably not. Am I ecstatic for thanksgiving break? Fuck yes. Will I not lose my mind between now and then? Most likely not. :( These are the times in my life I'm thankful for such a wonderful support network that will help me when I need it most. I think that's this week. Legitimately. Not even legit, legitimately. Hope I can make it till then. Caffeine, don't fail me now when I need you the mostest!

Jul. 14th, 2007

Holy Moly.

Lots to tell you. Lots. lotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslotslots.

But, considering the birds will be singing soon, i won't do that today.
If you havent' noticed, i've been away for about a little over a week. No interent, except for a brief moment here or there. T.T 
*head desk*
*head floor*
*stomach flop onto floor*
That's pretty much what happened. I had about 1000 messages, journals, deviations, comments, and bullitens to get through. Now all i have to tackle are the series i watch on quizilla. *twitch*

Higlights to look forward to:Weird Al concert, mall, just being a teenage girl with another teenage girl who i rarely get to see, like once, maybe twice a year. *cries* POOKIE! 

ahem. Anyways, yes. Lots of stuff to share, so be prepared.

I'm uber tired, for a week long sleepover is bad on one's brain. I missed my bed. 
Tomorrow i start tapoing off my room for painting. Then, clean it would (that should of been out, and how i came out would, i don't know, so i left it) , lay drop cloths, and start! Woot!
Then, i'll be sleeping over here while the paint dries. meh. Oh well, PULL OUT COUCH BABY! It's a queen, compared to my normal twin size. meh.

And toodles for now LJ. Until i'm not crashing,

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